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Def Leppard


The legendary hard rockers' entire catalog is finally available to stream - take a listen to some of the amazing music that Def Leppard had made!


Holly Knight

Primary Wave is thrilled to welcome songwriter Holly Knight to our roster! Give a listen to just some of the many tracks that Holly has written throughout her career


What We’re Listening To

While we spend our days supporting and promoting our management and publishing clients, we do enjoy many other songs, artists and releases. Take a listen here of music old and new that's currently in our headphones. Make sure to follow this playlist as we'll be updating it regularly!


Father/Daughter Day

Father/Daughter Day was set up by Smokey Robinson to honor the special bond that a father and his daughter share. With the day now recognized as an official holiday (mark your calendar for October 14, 2018), enjoy this personally-curated playlist from Smokey of songs that honor that special bond


Weekend Wave

Kick your weekend off right with this playlist, featuring music from Primary Wave's artists, songwriters and producers


Chill Wave

Let your cares float away with this relaxing playlist, featuring Primary Wave's management and songwriter clients