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Like many detail-oriented bands, hard rockers Boston emphasize quality over quantity. After emerging in 1976 with an era-defining self-titled debut LP and the smoldering hit “More Than a Feeling,” the group became notorious for taking years between albums. This penchant for sonic perfectionism comes from band architect and guitarist Tom Scholz, a gear enthusiast and classically trained pianist who earned a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from MIT before pursuing rock ’n’ roll. In the early ’70s, Scholz’s ambitious musical vision found an equal in Brad Delp, whose octave-jumping, operatic vocal delivery provided dramatic tension on the riff-heavy “Rock & Roll Band” and the bluesy “Smokin’.” Boston followed up their smash debut two years later with Don’t Look Back, which amplified Scholz’s power-pop tendencies and gift for gorgeous melodies; the band’s biggest hit came in 1986 with the chart-topping, tender power ballad “Amanda.” In the ’90s and 2000s, the group experienced multiple lineup changes, including in the vocalist spot upon Delp’s 2007 death. However, Scholz continued on, releasing 2013’s Life, Love & Hope in collaboration with various singers and finding a new audience thanks to frequent tours. And although Boston’s sound is singular, the band’s pristine production values and studio soundscapes have proved to be a model for countless bands across a range of genres, including New Wave icons Tears for Fears, robo-funk duo Daft Punk, and indie-electro stars Tame Impala.