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Alice Cooper interview features in Forbes

October 18th, 2018

Alice Cooper can’t tell you how many times he’s been beheaded.

“Countless times,” 70-year-old Alice Cooper says laughing. “I have no idea.”

Throughout his over 50-year career, Cooper has performed to audiences in every corner of the world. Most of the time, the concerts have ended with the character of Alice being decapitated by a guillotine. That character isn’t to be confused with the actual Alice Cooper — who changed his legal name from Vincent Furnier decades ago — as he makes clear by speaking about his act in the third person.

In August, he released A Paranormal Evening at the Olympia Paris, the companion live record to Paranormal, Cooper’s 27th album which came out last year.

Currently, the iconic shock-rocker is on the road and about to wrap up his 2018 tour. He has a clean bill of health. He isn’t tired. And he isn’t sick of the insanity.

Now playing shows with actor-turned-guitarist Johnny Depp and Aerosmith legend Joe Perry in the Hollywood Vampires, Cooper is happy to be able to bring two different versions of Alice to the stage.

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