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Check out the exclusive premiere of Jadagrace’s “My Rules”

December 15th, 2017

If there’s an anthem women need right now, it’s one that champions the phrase “my body, my rules.” Eighteen-year-old Jadagrace took inspiration from her personal experience with sexual harassment, as well as the current climate in Hollywood, for her latest single “My Rules,” the music video for which is premiering exclusively on Refinery29. Taking influences from both contemporary and Motown music, and setting the backdrop of the single in your everyday American high school, Jadagrace’s video manages to be relatable while still keeping things fun.
We spoke to Jadagrace about her journey as an artist, and the specific aspects of being a woman that inspired this powerful mantra.
Refinery29: How did you get started in music?
Jadagrace: “I got started in music during my first film Terminator Salvation. I played a mute in the movie, so when I was in my trailer I would get pretty bored. I’d watch Hairspray and Hannah Montana and just start singing and dancing to keep myself entertained. When I was done with the movie, I asked my mom if I could make a song, and it just never stopped after that.”
Who are the artists who made you decide to become a musician?
“Definitely Beyoncé and Michael Jackson. As a child I listened to all of Michael’s songs, and I would study his performances as well as Beyoncé. In addition to their work ethic, I played close attention to how they carried themselves, even with all of their fame. I knew I wanted to inspire people with music, and be a role model while doing it.”
How would you describe your style as an artist?
“My style is unique and real. I plan on experimenting with my music, so I don’t want to put myself into one genre. But, overall I want to exude confidence [and] grace, and show people the true me through my music.”


What was your inspiration for this video?
“I originally thought about the movie Easy A with Emma Stone and went off of that idea where guys are disrespecting her, but inside she’s really not the type of girl to settle for men like that. I wanted to show the difference between being flirty and being disrespectful. We also threw a throwback Britney vibe in there too to make it a fun video as well. We got a great result which was to communicate a message through the video and also make it an enjoyable one for people to watch.”
What inspired the lyrics “my body, my rules”?
“Of course, there are a lot of allegations about sexual harassment, abuse, etc. However, it has always been a topic that has not been talked about enough. I wanted to show people that this is happening so often, and it has gotten to the point where I can barely walk a few blocks without being disrespected or whistled at by a man. Some women are approached in disgusting and degrading ways, when sometimes a simple ‘I think you’re beautiful’ is enough. My main goal was to just empower women and let men know that there are boundaries. We should be able to dress sexy without worrying about what could happen to us as a result of that.”
What’s next for you?
“I am in the studio making new music, thinking of a way to reinvent myself. I also really want to capitalize on personal experiences I’ve had in my life so the world can get to know me better. I have many layers and many things to say, and I intend to show all of that through my new music.”