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Evaride Talks Hustling Their Way To A Debut Streaming Hit!

October 18th, 2018

Resumes have never been a hallmark of the artist life (if only because managers have the one-sheets covered). For sessions players, music directors and background singers, however, track record means everything. Hayden Maringer’s and Sean Michael Murray’s read like a laundry list of successes—NCAA March Madness theme song, Demi Lovato music director, J Lo guitarist, a lead role in Rent and Green Day’s American Idiot production. They watched, firsthand, major operations take shape and massive stars spread their gospel. Lots of lessons merged to create a game plan when the two multi-talents came together.

Last year, with the guidance of former group member Josh Devine (One Direction), Evaride formed and quickly took flight. “Heartless,” their debut release, scored over three-million streams in no time. The pop rock follow-up, “What’s It All For?” dug deeper into the anxieties a life of creation can bring. Their next single, set to drop next week, showcases both earworm choruses and a northward moral compass: Maringer and Murray want to prove that building momentum without risking body and mind is more than a shot in the dark, that anything can happen when smart work meets hard work. Get to know the band breaking stigma with big hooks and everyday hustle.


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