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EW – Watch Alice Cooper get animated for Disney: ‘It’s kind of nice to not be the villain for once’

June 26th, 2019

Alice Cooper is trading in heavy metal for something a little more kid-friendly.

The legendary rocker (real name: Vincent Damon Furnier) is getting animated to guest-star in Disney Channel’s Mickey and the Roadster Racers. Cooper will play Alistair Coop De Ville, “an old friend of Goofy’s uncle,” who of course wears a top hat and has a pet snake.

“It’s so funny that they have a snake coming out of my top hat — the two things that Alice is known for,” Cooper, a self-described “huge Goofy fan,” tells EW of his new role. “And it’s a non-threatening character. Generally, when I play parts in movies or TV, I’m always the villain. It’s kind of nice to not be the villain for once.”

In his episode, titled “Goof Quest,” Goofy, his Uncle Goof, and Donald join forces with Alistair to search for a legendary treasure in the jungles of Peru. Check out an exclusive first look at Cooper’s character in the video below:

For more than 50 years, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Cooper has continuously shocked fans with his particular style of music and performances, to the point where he’s become known as the Godfather of Shock Rock. First starting out as a band before taking on the name Alice Cooper as a solo act, Cooper paired hit songs like “School’s Out,” “I’m Eighteen,” and “No More Mister Nice Guy” with performances that included snakes, guillotines, and other violent symbolism.

Thankfully, looks like the only thing he’s carrying over from his onstage persona into his animated career is his love for snakes. (Stunts like Cooper almost hanging himself onstage don’t exactly translate to kid fare.)

Check out Cooper’s guest-starring role when his Mickey and the Roadster Racers episode airs Friday, July 5, at 8 a.m. ET on Disney Channel.