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Last week, Primary Wave hosted our first sync writing camp in Los Angeles!

November 20th, 2018

The 2-day camp brought out a range of both up-and-coming and elite songwriters, producers and artists culminating in 20 finished songs. Creative execs from the music supervision community also joined the Primary Wave Sync and A&R teams, creating a unique environment of creativity and musical output.

Primary Wave clients who took part included Mitch Allan, Bryce Fox, Dalton Diel, DJ White Shadow,  Hiko Momoji, Jake Troth, Jim McGorman, Livvi Franc, Mystery Skulls, Niko the Kid, RIVVRS, RVRB, and xSDTRK.

Other participating songwriters and producers included Gin Wigmore, Cook Classics, Outasight, and Keeley Bumford.

A special thanks to Nicky Blitz and his team for hosting, and an extra special thanks to our friends in the music supervision community who took time to offer insight and feedback: Robert Kraft, Eryk Rich and Chase Butters (Deutsch), Garrett McElver (SuperMusicVision), Dondrea Erauw (Instinct Entertainment), Johnny Choi (20th Century Fox) and Susan Dolan.

New music coming soon!