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New SiriusXM weekly show – Corsby’s Corner

September 16th, 2022

SiriusXM announced “Crosby’s Corner”, Bing Crosby’s new weekly show on SXM’s 40’s Junction Channel (CH. 71)!

Each episode of the new show is made up of various songs and clips from Bing Crosby’s 1940’s-era radio shows.

A new episode will air every Saturday @ 5pm ET / 2pm PT, followed by 2 re-airs throughout the week.

Tune in tomorrow for the premiere! Full schedule below….

Read more about the show here:

Air Dates/Times:

  • Saturday Sept. 17 @ 5pm ET Premiere
  • Sunday Sept. 18 @ 8pm ET Replay
  • Tuesday Sept. 20 @ Noon ET Replay