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September 20th, 2021

The first-of-its-kind partnership between the leading independent publisher and the global streaming service


Primary Wave Music announced today its one of a kind marketing collaboration with the global streaming service TIDAL as it continues its year-long celebration of 15 years in business.

TIDAL has rolled out three exclusive Primary Wave Music playlistsPrimary Wave Essentials, Covering Primary Wave, Sampling Primary Wave – on their platform. Streaming today, all three playlists feature songs from Primary Wave’s extensive publishing catalog, as well as songs released by artists across the company’s talent management roster. The Primary Wave Essentials playlist is augmented with exclusive audio commentary from Primary Wave Music’s CEO and Founder Larry Mestel. Also, as part of the collaboration, TIDAL is featuring Essentials playlists from a slew of Primary Wave artists on their homepage as well as across all their marketing channels.

This partnership marks the first time that a major DSP has highlighted a music publisher in such a prominent way, having only focused on iconic record labels in previous collaborations. Primary Wave Music’s head of streaming Mike Fordham says, “TIDAL has long been a terrific partner for Primary Wave, providing tremendous editorial and promotional support for our artists, large and small. I’m thrilled that TIDAL is shining a light on the incredible catalog that Primary Wave has built over our 15-year history. I can’t thank the TIDAL team enough for their willingness to showcase a major publishing company to this extent.”

“Primary Wave Music has been a great partner and we’re thrilled to celebrate this milestone with them,” said Tony Gervino, Executive Vice President, Editor-in-Chief, TIDAL. “As a home to some of the most iconic sounds in music history, the impact of this catalog across modern music is unparalleled.”

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