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Primary Wave’s Jane Reisman chosen as one of Billboard Magazine’s WOMEN IN MUSIC for 2020!

December 3rd, 2020

Jane Reisman
CFO, Primary Wave Music

In 2020, Reisman shepherded acquisitions of the catalogs of Godsmack, Air Supply, Devo and Olivia Newton-John, as well as some of Ray Charles’ songs. She has also been involved in strategic marketing partnerships with The Four Seasons and Burt Bacharach, all to the tune of a $500 million investment. “We’ve proven the success of our creative partnership business model for the incredible artists and songwriters who have entrusted us with their legacies,” says Reisman. Primary Wave’s creativity and promotional muscle paid off this past year with the multipart celebration of Bob Marley’s 75th birthday, which generated several synchs and reissues. That, plus a partnership with the Whitney Houston estate, was “a huge financial win for everyone involved,” she says. “And we’re just getting started.”

Crucial Issue Facing the Music Industry: “We have to find a way to work with technology, to get ahead of the curve and find a way to make it simpler for content creators to reap the timely financial outcomes they deserve while also supporting the emerging technologies that promote them.”

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