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Styx’s Tommy Shaw Presents: Fooling Yourself with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra

July 7th, 2020


43 years ago today, legendary rockers STYX released their triple-Platinum album, THE GRAND ILLUSION, which included the smash hit, “Fooling Yourself.”  With that release, STYX became the first band to score four triple-Platinum albums in a row: THE GRAND ILLUSION (1977), PIECES OF EIGHT (1978), CORNERSTONE (1979), PARADISE THEATER (1981).

As a celebratory nod to the album’s success, STYX singer/guitarist Tommy Shaw collaborated with 88 kids (ages 12-18) from the Contemporary Youth Orchestra in Cleveland, OH, who gathered together from their homes to record their parts for an extra special performance “Fooling Yourself” with Shaw at his home in Nashville, Music Director Liza Grossman in Cleveland Heights, OH. It was actually the first time the orchestra had performed together since the pandemic began.