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Taddy Porter signs recording deal with Primary Wave Music

October 5th, 2009

New York — Primary Wave Music Publishing has entered in to a recording deal, alongside a publishing agreement, with Stillwater, Oklahoma based quartet Taddy Porter.  Primary Wave Music Publishing CEO Larry Mestel shared, “Simply stated, we love this band.  While we have purposely stayed out of the record business for the past three years, Taddy Porter’s music and live performances are so compelling, we knew we had to do both recording & publishing deals with the band.”  Echoing these sentiments, lead guitarist Joe Selby offers, “We are all extremely excited about signing with Primary Wave Music.  Everyone we have met from the company has been really cool and laid back.  It just feels like a really good fit for our band and our music.  We're looking forward to working with them for a long time.  Expect good things to come. “


Taddy Porter was formed in October 2007 in Stillwater, OK.  The band members grew up in different towns, but came together to create timeless, undeniable rock songs that where seeded, take root almost immediately.  As the band began pushing borders beyond Oklahoma City, audiences grew like wildfire in markets including Dallas, Austin, Montgomery, AL, Wichita and others.  The quartet features Andy Brewer (lead vocals / guitar), Joe Selby (lead guitar / backing vocals), Doug Jones (drums) and Kevin Jones (bass).


Originally, they were discovered accidently.  Co-manager Scott Frazier was flown to Oklahoma City to see a band.  While waiting for their set, Taddy Porter approached him asking if he would watch their support set.  He recalls, “I heard the first song and was hooked.  I sent a text to my partner Rick Smith sharing ‘Dude, you won’t believe this band.’ Smith texted back, ‘Easy big fella, those guys were just ok.’  My response was simply, ‘Nah, another band.’  I took a copy of the CD, sat with Rick, and we signed the band to management almost immediately.  The rest is history.  You never know when great talent is going to cross your path, and in the case of Taddy Porter, you can’t always plan for it.”


This Fall, Taddy Porter will be the opener aka “The Freshman” on the inaugural run of the Class of 2009 Tour.  The 20 date excursion hits the road in San Antonio, TX on October 27.