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DEVO x Trust Me Vodka collaborate on limited edition collectible box set experience!

October 13th, 2021

Iconic New Wave Band DEVO Launches The Ultimate Anti-NFT: A First-of-its-Kind Premium Limited Edition Vodka Collectible Box Set Experience In Collaboration With Award-Winning Trust Me Vodka & Deep Cuts Media

  • Only 1,500 Limited Edition Premium Collectible Box Sets Available & Each Is Individually Autographed & Authenticated By DEVO Members Gerald Casale, Mark Mothersbaugh & Bob Mothersbaugh
  • DEVO Was Actively Involved In Every Step Of The Design For The Collectible Box Set Experience, Each Of Which Contains Never-Before-Seen DEVO Created Graphics & Two Bottles Of DEVO-Customized Award-Winning Gluten-Free Trust Me Vodka. So Sip It! Sip It Good!

Trust Me Vodka (, the award-winning premium boutique Vodka brand and experiential lifestyle company, today announced the introduction of its first music-infused premium collectible box set experience in close collaboration with iconic and iconoclastic New Wave band DEVO!

Developed for superfans and collectors alike, this DEVO infused and customized limited edition premium collectible box set experience includes two bottles of DEVO-branded award-winning gluten-free Trust Me Vodka and never-before-seen graphics created by the band. Each of this rare limited edition of 1,500 collectibles is also individually autographed by every member of DEVO – Gerald Casale, Mark Mothersbaugh and Bob Mothersbaugh – and each comes individually numbered and authenticated. DEVO was involved in every step of the development of this collectible.

“DEVO. The pioneering art and music collective. We were ‘spuds’ with ‘eyes all around,'” said DEVO co-founder, singer, bass player and overall artistic visionary Gerald Casale. “This premium potato-based Vodka is the perfect fit. High end. Art in a bottle. Apart from its quality, this collectible’s rarity means we expect its value to rise over time. Trust me.”

Award-winning Trust Me Vodka is the latest premium consumer brand developed by brothers Brian and Mark Simo, co-creators of major consumer brands that included No Fear, Spy, Bad Boy Club and Life’s A Beach – highly successful companies that transformed consumer culture and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. “Trust Me Vodka is all about the mixing of the highest quality Vodka with the highest quality art to create an overall experience that is unlike anything else out there in the marketplace,” said President Brian Simo. “We are thrilled to partner with Deep Cuts Media to launch our new music icon series with DEVO, innovators in the world of music and art who share our commitment to re-imagine consumer experiences. DEVO was with us every step of the way in the development of this limited edition premium Vodka experience. And that commitment to creating something rare and of the highest quality and value shows.”

This limited edition premium DEVO Trust Me Vodka collectible box set experience sells for $350 – a price that includes all shipping, handling and taxes – and is now available for purchase at Only 1,500 will be made.