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Primary Wave’s Marketing Division is completely unique to the world of music publishing. Quite simply, no other music publishing company has the multi-faceted, creative depth and overall reach that we do. This enables Primary Wave to provide our artists with the innovation and execution required to significantly increase their overall brand awareness and visibility.

Brand Marketing

Primary Wave’s Brand Marketing division has become a critical resource for Primary Wave. We have been adding staff each year to keep up with our aggressive growth in our catalog business. Primary Wave partners with our artists to carefully market their music and elevate their brand. Our diverse team leverages global brand relations to generate strategic marketing campaigns around each of our copyrights. While many campaigns are customized around key anniversaries and momentous moments, we also focus on developing new Intellectual Properties for our artist to jointly own and generate revenues, resulting in new business opportunities for the artist.

How We Get It Done

  • Defining Brand Strategy
  • Brand Position
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Brand Equity
  • Brand Differentiation

Digital Strategy + Marketing

The Digital division team at Primary Wave is a full-service, agency-like marketing team, dedicated to building artist song catalogs and careers through the intersection of music and technology. We are responsible for all digital strategy and marketing for all artists on the roster, acting as artist partner. Through creative marketing campaigns, we build online mobile and Web3 communities, with an eye towards evolving the way that fans listen to, participate in, and purchase music, tickets and related products. We create, market and optimize content, develop and implement CRM/fan acquisition strategies, and work with new, engaging digital platforms and startups.


  • Strategy Development
  • DSP & Music Streaming Marketing
  • Audience Analysis & Auditing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing & Management
  • Digital Press & Creative Collaborations
  • Advertising Planning & Management
  • Design & Development (Websites / Video Content / Identity Branding)
  • Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O)
  • Lead Generation (Sweepstakes / Contesting / Engaging Promotions)
  • E-Commerce & Fan Club Community Management
  • D2C Initiatives

Strategic Marketing

Respecting the past, acknowledging the present, creating the future…this is the motto that drives our marketing team. Primary Wave delivers unique, one of a kind ideas which define the company as an anomaly amongst the competition.

Strategic marketing is the backbone of our music company’s success. By analyzing music trends and understanding our audience, we create focused campaigns that align with the target audience and listener preferences. We strategically position our artists, refine branding, and develop growth strategies that stand the test of time. This approach ensures that our marketing efforts resonate genuinely, boosting our visibility and fostering strong connections with music enthusiasts.

Press & Publicity