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Extraordinary Songs Require Extraordinary Management

At Primary Wave Music Publishing We Value:

Hard Work  Communication  Family  Relationships  Empowering others • YOU


Primary Wave Music strives for excellence in the pursuit of catalogs that not only reflect great songwriting, but moments of culture. Beginning with the acquisition of works by legendary artists like Kurt Cobain (Nirvana), Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), and John Lennon (The Beatles) and most recently Bob Marley, Smokey Robinson and Prince. Primary Wave Music also works with exceptionally talented new songwriters who want to leave their impact on culture by providing those artists with creative opportunity.

The songs represented by Primary Wave include more than 1,000 Top 10 singles and over 400 #1 hits!


Why Primary Wave Music Publishing?

Our approach is all about creative sensitivity.
Corporations from around the world approach us on a daily basis to work with our clients. We know when to say no. Maintaining the integrity of our clients is an important part of our company’s goals.

Our team is about partnership.
We want creatives who choose to sign with Primary Wave Music Publishing to have relationships with our entire team.

Our team is experienced.
Primary Wave includes some of this industry’s finest executives who have long-standing relationships with key players in the entertainment industry and beyond.

Our creatives always come first.

Our goal is to help you reach yours.

What services we offer?

  • Our company offers a broad range of multi-media strategies that are both developed and executed by the team of people that make up our in-house operating divisions: Brand Synergy Group, BrightShop Digital Marketing, Publicity, and TV/FILM Production & Development.
  • Our team works every day to ensure not only the best licensing opportunities, but the right licensing opportunities.
  • Our team is responsible for setting up creative writing sessions for our artists, writers, and producers.
  • Our team will handle all aspects of royalty and song registration so our clients can focus on being creative.