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If you’re interested in using a Primary Wave Music composition in film, television, advertising, games or in any other medium, please email our Licensing Department at or call us at 212.661.6990.

Types of Licenses

  • synchronization license is needed to synchronize music with a video image. This license is also called a “sync license”. You would need to secure a sync license to use a Primary Wave Music copyright in Film, TV, Commercials, Video/DVD, Videogames, Trailers/Promos, etc.
  • mechanical license is needed if you want to record and distribute a Primary Wave Music copyright on either a physical album (CD, cassette, vinyl, etc.) or via digital delivery.
  • live stage production license is needed if you would like to use a Primary Wave Music copyright in a live stage production.
  • derivative work license is needed for Samples, Translations, Parodies, and all other proposed Derivative Works using Primary Wave Music copyrights. A derivative work license will only be issued after Primary Wave Music receives and reviews audio of the proposed derivative work. In other words, you need permission from us in order to create a derivative work.
  • master use license is required, in addition to the license from Primary Wave Music,  if you wish to use an original/master recording of a song. The owner of such recording is usually the record label.  We will be pleased to work with prospective licensees of Primary Wave Music compositions to help arrange for master use licenses.