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Jared Gutstadt of Audio Up Media named as Adweek’s Podcast Innovator of the Year!

October 27th, 2020

Podcast Innovator of the Year

Jared Gutstadt
Founder and CEO
Audio Up

With the evolution of audio content rivaling that of video, Jared Gutstadt founded podcast studio Audio Up Media this year. The move came about a decade after launching Jingle Punks, a media company he sold to Ole Media Management in 2015. With Audio Up, Gutstadt aims to grow the podcast experience beyond just audio programs, becoming an entertainment company with advertising and marketing offerings as well. So far he has launched podcasts with celebrities including Dennis Quaid and Machine Gun Kelly, and Audio Up’s Make It Up As We Go starring Miranda Lambert is bringing the world of musicals to the podcast medium with a scripted series about an aspiring country music star.

Gutstadt was also honored in the Podcast Producer of the Year category.

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