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Jefferson Starship premiere new video for “It’s About Time” with Rolling Stone!

July 27th, 2020

Mother of the Sun marks the band’s first new music in 12 years!

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Jefferson Starship have shared “It’s About Time,” a new single co-written by Grace Slick. The track appears on their upcoming EP Mother of the Sun, out August 21st.

“Old white men have had their turn,” lead singer Cathy Richardson declares in the video over blaring guitars. “Thousands of years, what have we learned?”

“I watched the Women’s March with Grace at her house back in 2017,” Richardson tells Rolling Stone. “She said, ‘This is just like the Sixties!’ and I suggested that we write a female empowerment song for the times that encapsulated the movement. A couple of months later, I received three handwritten pages of lyrics from Grace in the mail.”

“It was an incredible gift, not only to collaborate with a legend like Grace Slick, but also, the platform to have the message really be heard, especially in the times we’re in,” she added. “You can’t help but imagine how different things would be if Hillary Clinton was the president right now.”

Mother of the Sun marks the band’s first new album in 12 years, following 2008’s Jefferson’s Tree of Liberty. In addition to Slick, original member Marty Balin also co-wrote a song. Original Jefferson Starship bassist Pete Sears plays on three tracks.

“I’ve never been more proud of an album or a group of people in my life,” guitarist David Freiberg says of the record. Adds drummer Donny Baldwin: “While this is new Jefferson Starship music that is so relevant for the times, that we’re living in, we will always be connected to our history and carry forward the legacy that Paul Kantner passed on to us…same soul, new era. Hope you love it as much as we do.”

Mother of the Sun Tracklist
1. “It’s About Time”
2. “What Are We Waiting For?”
3. “Setting Sun”
4. “Runaway Again”
5. “Embryonic Journey”
6. “Don’t Be Sad Anymore”
7. “What Are We Waiting For? (Extended version)”