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SNAP – New Film Produced by Primary Wave and created by Eric Benet

March 25th, 2021

SNAP is independently produced by Larry Mestal and Primary Wave in partnership with La Via Verde. In this life beyond death, it explores what happens when the ethically questionable unwittingly engage in a conversation with God. This film stars Ryan Mulkay, Eric Benet, Catherine Curtin, and Kiah Stern. Private screenings will take place in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago and Miami, beginning May 24th.

Created by: Eric Benet
Written by: Devin Hampton and Eric Benet
Directed by: Devin Hampton
Produced by: Elizabeth Yemane, Eric Benet and Devin Hampton
Associate Producer: Amber Matthews
Starring Eric Benet, Ryan Mulkay, Catherine Curtin, Kiah Stern and Becca Jackson